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You can buy or rent Walkolution products on our subscription model. Request a non-binding offer below. If you have any questions, our international team are happy to advise you.


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Starter Professional Ultimate Enterprise
Price (per month , excl. VAT), see below for detailed rental terms
99 €
3.590 €

129 €
4.590 €

149 €
4.990 €

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The base for all of our products. Noiseless and maintenance-free. Upwards-compatible with all models.
Design Feets
Made of Industry grade steel. For stationary use.
Wheel Kit
Heavy Duty Wheels for Mobile and Outdoor Usage. Arrestable. (preassembled at factory) (Upgrade price for Starter model: Rental + 2 €, Purchase + 59 €).
A highly recommendable feature. Smart design with standing aid function. Allows for intuitive switiching between walking, standing and leaning back. (Upgrade price for Starter model: Rental + 10 €, Purchase + 329€).
Integrated Desk
Integrated desk, height adjustable (with tools) to body size from 1,45m to 2,00m. Slides back and forth. Dimensions upper plate: Width 77cm (size M) and 110cm (size L), Depth 60cm. (Upgrade price for Starter model: Rental + 22 €, Purchase + 790 €). Other sizes available upon request.
Conference Mode
Connectable with other Walkolution treadmill desks (MEET AND WALK)
GARMIN Tracking
Built-in sensor that communicates with all available GARMIN devices. Measurement of number of steps, distance traveled, speed and more. (Upgrade price for Starter and Professional model: Rental + 12 €, Purchase + 299 €). Other sizes available upon request. Available late 2020.
Electricity Generation
Built-in power generator that converts the steps taken into electric current. (Upgrade price for Starter and Professional model: Rental + 9 €, Purchase + 329 €). Other sizes available upon request. Available late 2020.
Corporate Health Functions
Software solution that allows for gamification, team challenges, incentives and Third-party plug-ins. Available late 2020.
Corporate Branding
Name Tag
Personalize your Walkolution System with your personal name tag.
Custom Logo
Add a logo at predefined locations at treadmill and/or desk.
Complete custom branding.
Customize your Walkolution systems perfectly to your corporate branding. Our talented designer team implements your ideas together with you.
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Rental Terms and Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long is the minimum duration in the rental model?

    The minimum rental period is 2 months. We offer fixed term contracts (36 months) and a flexible option, that can be terminated monthly after the first 2 months. See detailed rental terms and conditions here.

  • Can I rent first and buy later?

    Yes, you can change from rent to purchase at any time. The already paid rates are being credited, minus an interest rate of 6%.

  • I already have a standing desk. Which model is the right one?

    The Starter model can be combined with an existing height-adjustable desk. The backrest (and, if necessary, the integrated desk) can be retrofitted at any time without conversion, as the mounting points are already fitted at the factory. Make sure, that your desk is high enough though. Many of our customers use an additional standing desk converter on top of their standing desks or a monitor mount. Most important is to have the monitor at eye level, whereas many customers actually enjoy to have the keyboard at a lower level. If you have any questions, we are glad to provide you more info on that topic.

  • Do you also ship abroad?

    Yes, Walkolution systems are shipped to almost every country in the world. We do not offer rental in all countries yet. If you would like to know if we offer rental in your country, please contact us at

  • Can you concentrate when you walk?

    Yes, along with the other health benefits of more exercise, increasing mental performance is one of the other major reasons why we have developed Walkolution at all. The brain is one of the organs that benefits most from light physical activity. There is a tremendous amount of published research about this topic. Start your journey here

  • Can you type while walking or operate a mouse?

    Yes, the upper body is calm when walking and the walking speed is generally not fast. In addition, it helps that you are able to set the speed yourself at all times (unlike when using an electric treadmill with a motor). It only takes a few minutes to get used to it, our various customers across all industries can certify that. Authors write whole books while walking and it has even been experimentally tested and published, for example here and here.

  • Do I sweat or do I need special clothing?

    No, you walk at a slow self-determined speed and can wear any footwear that you normally like to wear.

  • Does the device make any noise?

    The entire system is designed and built to be distraction-free even in absolutely quiet environments. See here for a live test with decibel measurement.


Rental Terms and Conditions

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Combine individual treadmill desks for walking meetings. See prices and features for the MEET AND WALK series.


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