a workplace designed for humans. 

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Corona - Update: Calm down and walk on!

Especially in these times when we have to spend more time in our homes and home offices, exercise is more important than ever to stay healthy. Movement is an essential part of strengthening the immune system. Our production is not affected by the current shortages and we continue to supply our customers worldwide as usual.

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Walkolution Treadmill Desk Guidebook and Catalog

Learn about treadmill desks, find product specifications and get inspirations for the workplace you have always dreamed of.

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Sit less. Walk more.

The world´s first noiseless and non-electric walking treadmill for the office. Intuitive to use for everybody, eco-friendly built to last and made in Germany.


Join the Walking Revolution.

We have a single goal. To create the perfect workplace and to offer people a real alternative to sitting. An office for humans.

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Walk into your flow zone.

An unparalleled vital experience is waiting right at your desk. A walking desk is a shortcut to unleashing your potential and creativity. 

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Trusted by Global Leaders

Renowned companies from around the world use our ergonomic walking workstations to improve the health and productivity of their teams and provide a next generation work experience.

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No noise. No distraction. Full control.

Our treadmill desks have no motor and are virtually noiseless. The user controls the speed only by body weight and completely intuitive.

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Track your journey.

In close cooperation with GARMIN you can quantify activity data, use it for incentive programs, gamification and more. Full feature availability Q3/2020


Walk the Talk.

Meetings can be annoying. But what if your meetings became a pure place of inspiration from now on?



Stand. Walk. Rest. Repeat!

Walkolution's unique treadmill desk concept allows for  3 different postures: Standing, walking and resting. The elastic backrest provides an comfortable active resting position, while the walking belt only moves in one direction. The ergonomic desk slides back and forth.

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The Walkolution products mark a historic breakthrough in the field of corporate health.
Volker Nürnberg
Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg
Partner, Global Expert in Corporate Health at BDO AG, Professor TU München
Death by sitting



Sitting is the new smoking.

Sitting all day increases the risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer  and depression. Authored by Walkolution co-founder and senior medical doctor Eric Soehngen, Death by sitting explains why sitting has become “the new smoking”.

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* Read and support an important cause for independence and mobility. All revenues from this book are donated to the advancement of exoskeletons for people with spinal cord injuries.