Rental terms and conditions (4 Week Test)

These terms and conditions apply to all rental contracts for equipment of Walkolution GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Walkolution), unless otherwise stated in writing.
§1 Rental period
The rental period begins on the day on which the rental equipment arrives at the renter’s premises or on the day of the agreed collection. The rental period runs up to and including the date on which the device is actually returned to Walkolution or is taken over by the customer at the agreed takeover price. 
The rental agreement is concluded with a term of one month (30 days), except for rental agreements with a different term agreed in writing. At the end of the minimum rental period, the rental equipment is either returned to Walkolution or the customer purchases the rental equipment or a new system (as a purchase or by signing a financing contract). 
§2 Payment
The payment of the rental fee for the test offer is cashless by credit card or bank transfer to Walkolution GmbH before delivery. 
When the customer takes over the rental equipment, the rental costs for the test offer will be credited against the agreed purchase price.
§3 Shipping and checking the device
Upon request of the renter, Walkolution will send the device to an address provided by the renter. The shipping costs are borne by the renter. Within 48 hours after acceptance of the delivery by the renter, the renter shall inform Walkolution of any problems with the equipment. If Walkolution does not receive any notification, this will be considered as recognition that the device is in good condition and functional. 
§4 Use of the equipment
The renter is responsible for the proper use of the rental equipment and for ensuring that the user/operator has the necessary knowledge in accordance with the operating instructions. The rental equipment may only be used in the way it is intended for use. The renter is obliged to follow the operating instructions for the equipment in order to avoid exposing himself or other persons to danger or damage. The specified weight and speed limits of the device must not be exceeded and the device must not be misused for other purposes. The renter is obliged to comply with all applicable guidelines in accordance with the user manual and to ensure the necessary monitoring. The renter may not make any changes or modifications to the device. The renter is not entitled to sublease the equipment, to transfer the rights from this contract to others or to enter into a legal disposition over the rental equipment. 
§5 Warranty
The rental equipment is protected by the Walkolution warranty during the rental period. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and such defects that occur despite proper use according to the operating instructions. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper or negligent use or misuse of the device.
§6 Risk and liability
The risk of liability is transferred to the renter from the moment of takeover and remains with the renter until the equipment is returned to Walkolution. The renter is fully liable, including damages due to loss of use, damage to property, personal injury or consequential damage. This does not apply if the damage was caused by a technical defect which is due to a manufacturing fault and which could not be noticed by the renter.
§7 Purchase 
The renter has the right to purchase the rental device (or a new system) from the Walkolution GmbH after the minimum rental period has expired. If the renter wishes to purchase the system, the rental installment already paid will be credited against the purchase price of the rental system or if a new system is purchased.
§8 Special conditions in case of purchase
When purchasing a rental device (or a new device), Walkolution reserves the right of ownership of the device until the renter has paid the full purchase price to Walkolution GmbH. Until this time, the renter is not entitled to sell, pledge, or otherwise dispose of or dispose of the equipment. 
§9 Lost or damaged equipment
The renter is responsible and liable for any loss of the equipment, including theft and damage caused by intent, negligence, fire, water, or other force majeure. The renter must notify Walkolution of any damage at the latest at the end of the rental contract. A defective device must not be used.
§10 Device evaluation and damaged device
The renter agrees that the residual value of the damaged equipment will be determined by Walkolution. Walkolution will inform the renter about the costs of any necessary repair.
§11  Termination and resignation
The rental agreement can be terminated with a notice period of up to 10 days before the start of the rental period. In case of timely withdrawal from the rental contract, already paid rental installments and transport costs will be refunded. 
§12 Return of the device
At the end of the rental period, the device will be returned to Walkolution by the forwarding agent. The coordination of the return is done by Walkolution. For the return transport, the included cardboard package or transport packaging must be stored at the renter’s premises. The renter allows the device to be returned to Walkolution within 10 days after the end of the rental contract.