Video Gallery

See the latest WALKOLUTION videos and pictures.


Why we do it

We at WALKOLUTION have a mission. We have declared war on the lack of activity in everyday life and decided to start in the office. To learn more about our founders, our vision to fight a sedentary lifestyle and our current products, we created two short videos and rounded off the whole experience with a little making of video.
Current product line

The first video takes you on a journey into our product worlds. Get insights from our WORK & WALK as well as our MEET & WALK family. 

Meet the founders

The second video lets co-founders Frank Ackermann and M.D., Ph.D. Eric Söhngen, CEO at WALKOLUTION, have their say and provide an insight into our in-house production in Bavaria. 

Behind the scenes

The third video is behind the scenes. It shows some footage from WALKOLUTION's in-house video productions.