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Great minds walk. Katrine Broch Herrmann, LL.M. becomes COO at HealthTech Startup Walkolution

Sep 2, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Katrine Broch Herrmann, LL.M. appointed to the Walkolution board and becomes new Chief Operations Officer.

“We are fortunate to have someone of Katrine´s caliber and experience step up to lead the operations at Walkolution,” said Dr. Eric Söhngen, CEO at Walkolution. “Katrine joins us during an exciting time and we are looking forward to have her leadership to successfully implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities ahead. Katrine is a visionary mind with a proven track record of execution. ”

“I am super excited about joining Walkolution at this crucial stage. As a predominant desk-user with a history of knee injuries caused by sedentariness myself, I see a real and urgent need for change to prevent physical ailments and deadly diseases caused by prolonged periods of sitting. We all deserve to work in the most sustainable environments possible that allow us to perform at our best and stay healthy. This is exactly what Walkolution is all about!
I look forward to enabling and ensuring that our vision to put an end to death by sitting is put into practice.”

Speaking on behalf of the advisory board, Prof. Volker Nürnberg of BDO AG said, “We are looking forward to see Katrine´s contributions to grow Walkolution on a global scale. She has the right operational and communication skills and leadership abilities and is a perfect addition to the existing team.”


About Katrine Broch Herrmann, LL.M.
Katrine’s background in law and intellectual property has seen her work with some of the most exciting companies in the creative industries and technology sectors. Before crossing the pond, Katrine was the COO in a med-tech company in London. She was an active part of the London startup scene, including RebelBio, LondonTechHub, SiliconRounabout, WomenInTech, and more. She further volunteered as a judge at the University of Oxford’s annual International Intellectual Property Moot Court together with other leading experts in the Intellectual Property Law sector.
With her, she brings her passions for health and well-being coupled with her advocacy for responsible and sustainable development and innovation.
In her free time, Katrine enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and diving as well as exploring new places around the world and taking delight in what the world has to offer.


Humans are designed to move. Walkolution is the company behind the revolutionary office treadmill. Noiseless, ecofriendly, Made in Germany.

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