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1 min read

Why our bottom is not designed to sit

Among all muscles, the glutes are distinct as we tend to care more about their physical appearance, especially with...

1 min read

Why Sitting Leads To Backpain

Most of the muscular pain conditions from sitting results from ignorance of our core, which is a normally very well...

3 min read

Why I founded Walkolution

Why have you stopped to work as a Doctor?

I never stopped. I am just using a different set of tools, because the...

4 min read

So you want to be an Intern in a Startup? A guide for prospective applicants.

Welcome to the Death Zone

In mountaineering, the death zone refers to altitudes above a certain point where the amount...

3 min read

Sitting makes you resistant to exercise

Sedentary behavior leads to our bodies resisting the usual post-meal response improvements from exercise. This...
22 min read

Walking away from Diabetes

An estimated 422 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes, with the global prevalence of the...
7 min read

Sitting is bad for your brain- How sedentary behaviour affects our ability to learn.

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Thinkers survived

For millions of years, we moved. A...

4 min read

Walking as a natural remedy for ADHD

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder increasingly diagnosed in...

6 min read

Researchers link sedentary lifestyle with structural changes in the memory center

Research in recent years has clearly shown that sitting is associated with a large number of actually preventable...

5 min read

The most creative persons walk - Here is why

Visitors to Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto home or Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, were all too familiar with a...