• Please wear headphones/headset while the video-call to undergo audio interference while recording. This will also help to capture better audio quality.
  • If you have an external microphone please connect it to your laptop.
  • Please make sure to sit in front of a window or a bright light source.
  • Please make sure the background is appropriate.


Quicktime Player (Mac)

  1. If you are on a Mac device, Quicktime-Player should be installed already. Otherwise, please download it here
  2. Open Quicktime Player
  3. Right click Quicktime in Dock and choose „Record Video“
  4. A new window will open. Now press the red Record Button

OBS Studio (Windows, Mac)

  1. Installl software through
  2. Open program
  3. click + in the left bottom corner and choose „Video Capture Device“/„Videoaufnahmegeraet“
  4. Choose your webcam as device
  5. Now you should a video tab in the window. Drag it to the biggest size
  6. In the upper bar, go to OBS > preferences > output > recording format .mp4 > press OKAY
  7. In the upper bar, go to OBS > preferences > audio >  „Microphone/Aufnahmegeraet“ > pres Okay
  8. now click „Start Recording“ on the Bottom Right
  9. Now video is being recorded
  10. After our video call, press „Stop Recording“
  11. By default the video is saved into a designated folder. You can check the path of the folder at Settings > Output > Recording Path 

If you struggle installing and setting up OBS Project, you can find a useful YouTube-Tutorial here.


Once you are finished please upload the recorded video here: