Rental Terms

Our rental model gives you the flexibility to use the Walkolution system at low monthly rates.



Choose the rental plan

You can choose between a fixed 36-month rental or a flexible model with a monthly termination option. With both variants, it is possible to credit the rental instalments against the purchase price in the case you want to purchase the Walkolution system at a later point.  

Flexible option

can be terminated monthly

159 €

for Walkolution Professional, price per month (excl. VAT)

other models

Starter | 129 € per month

Ultimate | 169 € per month

(Prices excl. VAT)

Fixed term rental

Fixed rental for 36 months

129 €

for Walkolution Professional, price per month (excl. VAT)

other models

Starter | 99 € per month

Ultimate | 149 € per month

(Prices excl. VAT)



Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long is the minimum duration in the rental model?

    The minimum rental period is 2 months. We offer fixed term contracts (36 months) and a flexible option, that can be terminated monthly after the first 2 months.

  • Can I rent first and buy later?

    Yes, you can change from rent to purchase at any time in both rental models (flexible or fixed term). The already paid rates are being credited, minus an interest rate of 6%.

  • Do you also offer rental abroad?

    We are currently expanding the rental option worldwide. At this point, Walkolution offers rental only in Germany, Austria, Norway and Switzerland. However a reselling partner in your country might be able to offer the rental option. Please contact us and we will refer you to your nearest Walkolution partner.

  • How much are the shipping costs ?

    The shipping costs depend on your place of residence. Shipping within Germany costs between 69 and 139 € per way. Shipping to other European countries depends on the country and is slightly higher. The shipping costs are also due when the system is returned at the end of the contract and are to be paid by the buyer.

  • Is service and warranty included?

    Yes. All our rental systems operate on the Device-as-a-Service principle. You don't have to worry about maintenance and service. Our systems are generally completely maintenance-free. Should unexpected difficulties arise, we will solve them for you.