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Walkolution in 10 Seconds 

Walkolution changes the way humans work and meet with a silent and motorless walking treadmill desk. Our mission is to correct a fundamental and costly mistake of our civilization: the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle.

Renowned companies, schools, and universities across the world use our mobile and ergonomic walking desks to improve health and productivity and provide great work experience. Founded by a senior medical doctor and a leading design company, our concepts are based on scientific research and sustainable manufacturing philosophy.
Our award-winning products are engineered and crafted at our own eco-certified high-tech facility in Bavaria, Germany.

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Sitting and Health

  • Why Is Sitting Dangerous?

    Man has been moving constantly for millions of years. We had to move. Now our entire world has changed so radically within 200 years that movement has become optional. Someone who sits eight or more hours a day for professional reasons dramatically increases his or her risk of almost all so-called diseases of civilisation (not only backpain, but also the risk for heart attacks, stroke, cancer and diabetes. At the same time, people who live a sedentary lifestyle are cognitively limited and have a higher risk for depression.)

  • Why is sitting sometimes called the new smoking?

    Statistically speaking, sitting is even more harmful than smoking because it simply affects every organ system. But the comparison does not hurt because it draws attention to the issue. Unfortunately, in the case of smoking, it took decades for the knowledge of the risks to reach everyone. One can only hope that we as a species have now developed further and will not make the same mistakes again. 60 or 70 years ago, an ashtray was still standing on every table - unimaginable today.

  • How many hours per day should we maximally spend sitting?

    This can best be concluded from a developmental perspective. In evolutionary terms, we are a species that moved most of the day. It's assumed that we walked an average of 20 kilometres a day. As endurance hunters, we have walked or sometimes lightly run after prey until it collapsed exhausted. Then they could be easily killed. We spent very little time sitting, maybe two to four hours a day. This is a good guideline for today.

  • Is lying down actually healthier than sitting?

    Yes, absolutely! The human body is only not built for two things at all: long standing or long sitting. When sitting, an incredible load is placed on the lower spine. The organs in the abdomen are compressed, the lung volume is drastically reduced and the large important blood vessels are pinched off. All this is not the case when lying down.

  • How many steps a day are necessary for a healthy lifestyle?

    The number of steps is a good parameter that has been used in numerous large comparative studies. The point at which the test persons can expect significant health benefits is 17,000 steps per day, which is considerably higher than the much-cited 10,000 steps that most people set as their goal. But even of those many can only dream. The German average is less than 5,000 steps per day. By the way, it is important that we spread the movement over the whole day.

  • Can we compensate for long periods of sitting with lots of sport and good nutrition?

    That is exactly the tragic point. We think that with an intensive hour of sport in the evening we can compensate for the long sitting in the office. Unfortunately, this is a complete misconception. Sitting remains just as damaging.
    Exercise and a healthy diet are good. But making up for something - that doesn't work. We have simply created this in our minds as an excuse. That's why all the advice about getting up briefly every 20 minutes, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, is just a drop in the ocean.

Product and Company

  • What is Walkolution's product?

    A compact, silent and motorless treadmill in an attractive wooden design for the office. The Walkolution also offers an ergonomic desk and backrest. The user controls the walking speed himself. One walks, stands up from time to time, leans back and continues walking again. Everything is intuitive. The whole system is on wheels and you can also put together several Walkolutions for "walking meetings". When walking slowly, we can do everything that we normally do sitting down. We just avoid all the negative consequences. And we are mentally more powerful.

  • How important is sustainability for Walkolution?

    Very important. We produce in Germany, in our own eco-certified production and use wood from sustainable and local production. Wood is a great material, which not only looks good but also offers clear advantages over steel or plastic. The natural elasticity of wood, for example, helps us a lot when it comes to cushioning our steps. Walkolution co-founder Frank Ackermann is also one of the pioneers of sustainable production methods in Germany.

  • Why is a treadmill desk better than a standing desk?

    Because just standing for a long time is no better than sitting. There is not a single study that justifies the boom of stand-up desks. From a cardiological point of view a standing desk is unreasonable. Blood is pooling in the legs. People are also not more active. The calorie consumption in a standing position is almost equal to that in a sitting position. If people stand all day instead of sitting, they only consume as many calories as are contained in 1 or 2 apples. The overall effect on the body is negligible. There has been a large study in Germany that examined standing desk users on their behaviour and satisfaction. 70% of initial standing desk owners no longer use the standing function or use it only very irregularly. Switching between sitting and standing is no better because we move from one bad position to another.

  • What are the benefits for companies, who introduce Walkolution treadmill desks?

     Companies get happier employees who are more productive, healthier, less absent due to illness and who in the evenings can go home with the good feeling that they have worked all day but have still done something for their health. Healthy workplaces are a new differentiation criteria and soon it will be impossible to imagine the modern working world without them.

  • What motivates a doctor to become an office furniture manufacturer?

    As humans, we are evolutionarily dependent on continuous everyday movement. Blood flow and metabolism otherwise get completely confused, with dramatic consequences for health. The long hours spent sitting, often more than twelve hours a day for many office workers, cannot compensate with occasional sport. Since standing at a desk doesn't really help either, he has developed a solution that allows people to keep moving effortlessly and quite, thus preventing serious illnesses.

  • How does the Walkolution System differ from other solutions on the market?

    There are already electric treadmill desks on the market . However, these cause annoying noise , force the user to walk at a monotonous pace , consume electricity and also do not fit visually in the office . Our system has no motor. The user walks very slowly on it (between 0 and about 3 km/h) and adapts his speed with every step intuitively and subconsciously to his work. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes standing or leaning against the built-in standing aid. It is controlled solely by gravity. The whole operation is silent. There is no distraction for the user.  The treadmills are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art production facility in Germany, are completely maintenance-free and have a very good ecological balance. The main building material used is wood.

  • Is walking not too distracting from work?

    It is a misconception that we can only concentrate well when sitting down. Walking is automatic, it does not require multitasking. After all, the best ideas often come to us when we are walking or running, because our attention and blood flow increase through movement. When walking slowly you can also type, use a mouse or read without any problems.

  • Company key facts

    Walkolution GmbH is a German company with headquarters in Munich. Walkolution products are now sold in more than 25 countries. Founders are Dr. Eric Söhngen and Frank Ackermann. They founded Walkolution in 2017 with the aim of developing the ultimate and healthier alternative to the chair and work with an international team on the working environments of the future. The company attaches great importance to sustainable manufacturing technology.


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Dr. Eric Soehngen Walkolution CEO

Dr. Eric Söhngen

Founder and CEO

Eric regularly gives keynote lectures on human-centered workplace design in enterprise and educational settings and sedentary behavior research. He is a board-certified senior medical doctor and holds a Ph.D. in stem cell physiology. He is the author of the bestselling book "Death by Sitting - why we need a movement revolution."

Frank Ackermann

Frank Ackermann

Founder and CTO

Franks is an award-winning expert in interior design with a particular focus on wood and other sustainable sourced materials. As the founder of a renowned wood processing company with iconic global installations, he frequently speaks on topics such as environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques and industry 4.0.

Prof. Volker Nuernberg Walkolution

Prof. Volker Nürnberg

Head of Advisory Board

Volker Nürnberg is a partner at the consulting company BDO, previously he was Head of Health Management at Mercer. In 2010 he was appointed Professor for Strategic Management in Healthcare and has taught extensively nationally and internationally on workplace health related topics. He has advised more than 300 companies, hospitals, and insurance institutions and held more than 500 lectures on corporate health.