PhD Candidate 

Physical Activity and ADHD
in Collaboration with University of Oslo and Høyskolen Kristiania



Rooted in academia, Walkolution continues to actively participate in researching the effects of movement and a lack thereof and its implications for human health, longevity and performance.

This exciting project is a collaboration with the University of Oslo and the Høyskolen Kristiania. We have grants to conduct an exciting crossover study on a group of 90 ADHD-affected junior high school students in the Horten school district near Oslo, Norway. With an increase in physical activity with the help of a Walkolution treadmill in a classroom setting, we will investigate the effects of concentration and improved learning abilities. The methods planned to be used to measure change are based mostly on questionnaires, hence PhD-student from a wide variety of academic backgrounds might qualify for this role.

A yearly scholarship of 479 000 NOK (around 48.000 Euro) will be available.


About You

You belong to an elite group of candidates with the willingness to make a meaningful impact with your work.

You have great academic skills, which qualify you to be a leader and educator alike.

You excel in a fast-paced environment without supervision. You also thrive in a cross-functional setting.

You hold a distinctive Master's Degree in any relevant field.

You speak English (and optionally also Norwegian / another Scandinavian language).

You can live in Norway during the data collection period.


About the Academic Support

The study is part of the HOPP study project, a long term study on activity in schools in Norway conducted by the University of Oslo and the Høyskolen Kristiania. The primary investigator in this study is Prof. Dr. Per Morten Fredriksen from Kristiania University College. He is a widely published author and specialist in pediatric physiotherapy and has almost 20 years of research experience in physical activity and physical performance in children and adolescents.

Walkolution is the pioneer in the manufacture and development of active workplaces that enable and reinforce health and productivity in workplaces. Our products solve the lack of movement problems in offices, enhancing human performance and promoting long term health. World-leading companies and institutions are using the Walkolution workstations to unleash their full potential and improve their working habits.


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