PhD Candidates

Rooted in academia, Walkolution continutes to actively participate in researching the effects of movement and a lack thereof and its implications for human health, longevity and performance.
With a world wide spanning network of leading experts in the fields of physiology, evolutionary biology, medicine, the life sciences, ergonomy and the neurosciences, we can match PhD students from relevant fields with leading research institutions and provide meaningful fields of interests of applications within our current and  future product range.
To the suitable candidate, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to write history with a true and high impact contribution, which has the potential to change how humans work.
. Join the Walkolution – you won’t regret it!

About You

You belong to an elite group of candidates with the ability to change the world.

With your skillset, which you have already acquired along your impressive way, you can make big things happen. Along that, you have great communication skills, which qualify you to be a leader and educator alike.

You excel in a fast-paced environment without supervision. You also thrive in a cross-functional setting.

You hold a distinctive Master Degree in any relevant field.


About Us

Do you want to work toward creating better and healthier workplaces? At Walkolution, we are a relentlessly client-focused group who are re-engineering the way humans work.

Walkolution is the pioneer in the manufacture and development of active workplaces that enable and reinforce health and productivity in workplaces. Our products solve the lack of movement problem in offices, enhancing human performance and promoting long term health. World leading companies and institutions are using the Walkolution workstations to unleash their full potential and improve their working habits.

Walkolution is a Bavaria, Germany based startup founded in 2017. Our aim is to continue to grow fiercely.


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