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We are looking for smart and inspiring young talents to join us as interns and experience a successful startup story first hand. This internship is the right choice for an openminded individual with high career ambitions and a deep rooted entrepreneurial drive.

It is possible to link this internship with a consecutive or concomitant thesis project.

We are an organically growing, self funded business and our product sells and faces international demand.

As an intern, you will carry true responsibility for projects in various different fields, depending on your previous experience and future plans. In any case, you will most likely wear many hats anyway.

You will work among a team of passionate and dedicated experts in a diverse and very international work culture.


About You

You are a motivated and energetic person who strives in an innovation driven organization. During previous internships positions, you have demonstrated outstanding talent.

You excel in a fast-paced environment. You should be goal-orientated and be able to work without any supervision. 

Read more what to expect in this blog article.



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