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  • What service can I expect?
    In case of any problems with our products feel free to contact us at any time and we will try to give you the best support to give you the best working experience you ever had.
  • How often should I maintain my WALKOLUTION TREADMILL?
    We recommend you visually inspect and clean your treadmill every 3-months and make sure the walking belt is running properly while walking. Basic maintenance will improve the life of the treadmill.

Adjustable and Flexible

  • But I already have a standing desk?

    The WALKOLUTION TREADMILL will function with your existing desk. If your desk is not high enough to fit a WALKOLUTION TREADMILL under it, we provide a socle to extend your desk as necessary. 

  • Can I move the WALKOLUTION TREADMILL around myself?

    You can easily set it up anywhere you want. The WALKOLUTION TREADMILL has specially designed wheels on the front and rear that that enables you to push the device around. Remember to unlock and lock the wheels before and after moving.

  • I am in a shared space/require silence in my office.
    The WALKOLUTION TREADMILL is whisper silent and will distract neither you nor others from work.
  • Can anyone use the WALKOLUTION TREADMILL?
    YES! It can be used by anyone who can walk (assisted or independently).
  • Do I have to buy new clothes and shoes?
    No. You can wear any shoes and outfit you would want that enables walking.
  • I am not fit. Will I sweat a lot?
    Being active on a WALKOLUTION TREADMILL will not make you sweat or get exhausted. The average walking speed is about 1-2 km/h (1 mile/h). Such slow movement rather relaxes your muscles than getting you out of breath, but it will still burn three times more calories, compared to sitting or standing.
  • How fast should I walk? Do I have to run?
    The speed varies according to activity and person and varies from about 1 to 4km/h. Writing and reading are slower than talking or telephoning. Also, you can lean comfortably on the treadmill and it is held securely in position by the unidirectional treadmill.
  • Do I always walk at the same speed?
    No, depending on the activity, the speed usually varies between 1 and 4 km/h.
  • Can I get into shape using by using the WALKOLUTION TREADMILL?
    With the WALKOLUTION system under your desk, you reach the recommended 10,000 steps by lunchtime. Say goodbye to excess weight and back pain. You will never want to go back to sitting.
  • I can take a rest whilst on the WALKOLUTION TREADMILL?
    Yes. With the specially designed mesh backrest, you can lean back and relax whenever you want. 
  • Can I really read, type, and write whilst walking?
    Your walking speed is so slow that it will not influence your ability to read, type, and write. You can even make calls or have a video conference or meeting from a treadmill desk.
  • Why is a sliding tabletop integrated?
    Depending on the activity and thus the speed of walking, a different distance to the objects on the table is required. For this reason, the tabletop can be moved horizontally in the depth axis.
  • Can I use it all day?

    Yes. You can use the treadmill desk all day long. For the beginning start with 90 min per day and slowly increase walking times.

  • What are the advantages of a WALKOLUTION TREADMILL over what I already have?
    The human body is designed to keep moving over the majority of the day. With walking while working you can get into shape effortlessly, oppose sitting related health problems and boost your mental performance simultaneously.
  • What are the medical benefits?


    Regular exercise can help boost your mood and subsequently decrease anxiety through the brain's release of endorphins in your body. These endorphins reduce your perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body similar to the effects of opiates.


    Studies have shown that exercise is directly linked to creativity and productivity. Walking boosts your mental performance and helps you to gain new levels of active thinking.


    Even Though walking is a low-intensity form of exercise, you can burn up to 5 times more calories than while sitting or standing. 


    Exercise can help reduce risky blood glucose levels and also help people with type 2 diabetes avoid long-term complications.


    Walking helps increase blood flow which in return decreases blood pressure.


    Low-impact weight-bearing exercises like walking can have a positive impact on bone density and prevent the development of osteoporosis.


    The impact of treadmill desk use on subjects suffering from low back pain is highly beneficial for pain management and can provide complete recovery from LBP.


    Walking for 20-40 min 3 times per week can already have a miraculous effect on patients suffering from joint pain. In many cases, clinical treatment can be avoided by simply getting active.


    Researchers found patient comfort to significantly improve when a walking intervention was added to traditional treatment. Pain relief from walking was so effective that 78% of patients were still satisfied with their result a full year following treatment, a 15% increase over the traditional treatment group.


    Continuous low intense walking over the day helps reducing hypertension and improves the blood flow, reducing the pressure on the vessels and lightening the load on the heart. 

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