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Seeing students disengaged and yawing isn’t how it should be. Yet in an environment where such high demands are put on students, sitting for hours on end will not support their performance, rather causing considerable damage to both their mental and physical health.

Bewegtes Klassenzimmer - Walkolution

A school is a place where students should feel alive and excited to make the most of a crucial part of their lives. Not only this but when alertness for classes improves, students will be more motivated to be a part of their learning journey.


An active learning experience

  • Improves information retention

  • Sparks creative thinking

  • Boosts alertness and motivation

We are evolving in every field of society except for the most crucial one


When comparing the evolution of the phone or the car from 100 years ago and now, we have made massive progress. Yet one area, where progress has been little, is in the education systems. The two photos above are 100 years apart, yet the learning environment is still the same. Back when we first saw them, the goal of education was to mass-produce factory workers. But today, we want educational systems to support and nurture creative and innovative thinkers who can lead the future in the right direction. Classrooms need to adapt to the purpose they want to serve. Walking activates the cognitive abilities of students and supports their academic potential.


“I want to experience an education where I don’t feel my potential is constrained to being seated in a chair. I want to feel that I am reaching my maximum capabilities, and I feel that being supported when I walk during my classes” Alice Falkeström, 16 years


Active Learning with Walkolution

Getting the required movement for an enhanced learning experience is hard with how much time is spent seated in classes. Yet Walkolution enables active learning, as students are able to learn more effectively whilst walking.

  • Walkolution class-room treadmills are non-motorized and are purely powered by human movement, making it practically noiseless when in use.

  • Students can choose their own speed and adjust their pace intuitively

  • The treadmill desks is placed on 4 lockable wheels allowing for easy portability around the classroom.

  • The products compact design requires no more space than a conventional chair and table


WALKOLUTION treadmill desks- class-room use



Improved creativity score test results while walking (1)


Reduction in Cortisol levels while walking (2)


Improved academic task performance while walking (3)

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