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Besser gemeinsam.

Wir bauen bei Walkolution ein Team von Gleichgesinnten auf, die sich nicht scheuen, die Grenzen des Möglichen neu zu definieren. Gemeinsam arbeiten wir sehr hart und unterstützen  uns gegenseitig. Wir arbeiten an der Mission eine gesündere Welt für uns alle aufzubauen. Oh ja, und wir gehen den ganzen Tag!



Provide a true positive impact on a global scale as the first mover in our market.


We believe in constant learning and invest in opportunities to do so.


Enjoy and further develop the healthiest workplace in the world. 


Mission & Values

We exist to change how people work - and we practice what we preach. These values represent us.

  • Why we exist

    Humanity has unconsciously reached an evolutionary blind alley with the creation of a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. From the high school student, to the trainee, to the student, to the employed, to the retired. Almost everyone in our society is condemned to sit, even though human physiology is designed for an active and moving lifestyle. Billions of people die earlier, suffer from incurable chronic illnesses with long-term fatal consequences, are more unhappy and cannot unleash their full potential because they are forced by their environment to sit for long hours every day.


    In addition, widespread diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, stress-related conditions, dementia and depression are affecting many health systems over and above economic limits. Walkolution exist to correct this situation and to offer solutions that enable people to fulfil their professional obligations while enjoying the longest and healthiest life possible. So that people can feel better, be more efficient, more creative and more productive in their work, education and other activities. We represent product technology, reflecting physiological and neuroscientific research on new findings about our organism. Everything we develop and sell is scientifically sound and subject to scientific scrutiny.

  • We have a commitment for the future

    Future generations will look back on our inactive and sedentary lifestyles in disbelief and headshaking. As pioneers in our field, we have the responsibility to set the right direction for a better and healthier future. We therefore pay particular attention to the school sector. After ten years of sitting still in school, the chair becomes the unquestioned status quo. We are therefore initiating and supporting projects aimed at rethinking our educational institutions. This support can also take the form of product donations or research into ADHD, etc.


    Another area that still receives too little attention today is the development of technical solutions for people who have lost or partially lost the ability to walk normally due to illness, accident or age. We therefore actively support projects and initiatives aimed at accelerating technical development in this field.


    Ultimately, we see ourselves as part of the Earth's cohesive ecosystem. We are committed to the most environmentally friendly production possible and select the materials and raw materials used according to their ecological impact.

  • How we work together

    There is enough work to be done. We do it in the most reasonable and smart way we can and get better every day. If we see a process, that can be designed smarter, we share our secrets and ideas with the rest of the team.

    We believe that the way to be most productive is with a reasonable, balanced work schedule. The best ideas often don´t strike us at work and typically arise in a fresh mind.

    We avoid multitasking and frequent interruptions and optimize our office for deep work performance.

    We work result-oriented and focus on the agreed targets by using KPIs. 

    The expression "This is not possible" does not exist in our vocabulary.

    We practice agile project management and work self-organized. The company offers the framework and provides the tools, but the individual finds ways to get there. We practice a flat hierarchy and the individual teams also work self-organizing.



Benefits we offer

We believe wholeheartedly that taking care of our team is one of the most impactful things we can do and a crucial prerequisite for long-term success. That's why we offer outstanding benefits.

Healthy Workplace

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Yoga, Fitness, Wellness Flatrate

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