Quick Start Guide

A few helpful tips for an optimal start


1. Find the right pace

Some users make the mistake of going too fast, especially in the beginning. The optimal speed is up to the user, but a speed of about 40 steps per minute is considered optimal by many. This is slower than you might think. But this speed is sufficient to enjoy all the health benefits while still being able to work with concentration.

2. Use your body weight

The motorless design of the treadmill allows the user to use their body weight to set the belt in motion. This is accomplished intuitively and can be learned by anyone within minutes. The easiest way to start is to place the front foot with the heel first in the front area of the treadmill (approximately at the level of the table legs). Then slowly roll the foot backwards in a controlled manner and take the next step. Make sure that the body remains upright and do not push away from the table.

Heel First

 3. The right position for your hands and elbows

Don't push yourself away from the desk with your hands. If you feel you need to stabilize, just place your hands or even better both of your elbows on the desk (by sliding it all the way towards you). The edge of the table can be directly in front of your body. The table acts as an armrest, so to speak, and stabilizes you. It is best to experiment with different positions, but the method described above is described by many users as very pleasant and safe.

4. The right height for the screen

The screen should ideally be at eye level. If you use a notebook that's too low, it's half the fun! We recommend a notebook elevation stand or an external monitor, ideally with an adjustable monitor joint arm.

5. Experiment with the possibilites of alternating postures. (Standing aid and desk depth adjustability).

The desk (both in the MTD700R WANDERLUST and in the MTD800R ÄRA series) can be slided back and forth and locked in a certain position. Important: The desk comes locked per default. However, this is actually only recommended during transport. Release the lock during normal operation (red knob sticks out). Alternate walking and standing, as well as resting against the backrest and find your individual optimal position for the desk in each position. The frequent and intuitive change of the positions makes a crucial difference for comfort during the course of the day. There is no specific rule about how long each position should be retained. It is best to let your feelings be your guide. We generally recommend spending most of your time walking and short episodes standing and leaning. Overall, try to spend less than 4 hours per day sitting (including meals, car rides, free time).

6. Be patient with your sense of balance.

If you feel unsteady on your feet at the beginning: Be a little patient. There are numerous studies that suggest that the sense of balance degenerates over the years as a result of sitting and this process is simply aggravated over the years. New neuronal networks develop regardless of age, but they do not always do so overnight. Therefore, give yourself a little time. 


7. Assembly and operating instructions

This Quick-Start Guide is not a substitute for the Assembly and Operating Instructions, which contain other important safety information. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the Setup and Operation Manual before use and also make sure that anyone who has access to the Walkolution Treadmill has read it as well. You can find them at this link.


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