WANDERLUST Ergonomic Desk Attachment
WANDERLUST Ergonomic Desk Attachment
WANDERLUST Ergonomic Desk Attachment
WANDERLUST Ergonomic Desk Attachment

WANDERLUST Ergonomic Desk Attachment

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The  Wanderlust desk attachment was born from the idea that a moving workstation could also be movable in itself so that it allows you to change your workstation quickly and easily. 

To ensure full mobility, the small version of the Wanderlust table has a width of 75 cm, so that together with the treadmill it can fit through doors, which often have a width of only 80 cm. Experience also shows that this width is perfectly sufficient for most users because, despite its compact size, it provides space for the most frequently used items, such as a laptop and an external monitor.

The larger version with a width of 1.10 m offers more space, which is ideal if, for example, several monitors are to be used or if more space is needed for documents and more.

A unique and very practical feature is the ability to be able to adjust the depth of the table continuously. This means that the correct distance to the table can be maintained at all times, even when leaning against the backrest at the back.

The mounting is designed so that the tabletop can be removed quickly and without tools. This is a great advantage, for example, when the treadmill is used for sports in addition to work.

Info: This is the desk, that is included in the MTD700R WANDERLUST SERIES.


WALKOLUTION MT300 (requires front support bar)
MTD800 ÄRA(requires also front support bar)
WALKOLUTION MT900 Series (requires also front support bar)





Technical Data

Width 75 cm or 110 cm
Depth 66 cm
Weight: 16,5 kg (75 cm), 21,3 kg (110 cm)


We provide a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects and material fatigue.

All Walkolution products are designed for extreme durability and are built for intensive and maintenance-free use.