How to Build the Ultimate Video Conferencing Setup with a Treadmill Desk in Your Home Office

How to Build the Ultimate Video Conferencing Setup with a Treadmill Desk in Your Home Office

We are often asked by our customer if it is also possible to hold video conferences on a treadmill desk. No question, this works wonderfully and is highly recommended!

While you change from call to call during your working day, you can collect countless steps without any problems and do something for your shape, your mind and your spirits!

The problem with the typical seated video conference is that you have even less movement than you already do. The position of the camera more or less condemns you to staying in a single position.You can barely move your feet under the table and slide around on the chair, anything else is impossible.

The better way to spend your precious time

In this post we would like to introduce you to a video conferencing setup that we use ourselves at Walkolution on a daily basis, consisting of the Walkolution treadmill desk, a webcam, a light source and an optional backdrop (which is handy, especially in the home office!).

Recommendation for the right camera

If you use an external screen in addition to your notebook, you would be well advised to invest in an external camera. This not only has the advantage that it often offers a better resolution, but can also be positioned at eye level or a bit higher. This higher viewing angle often offers a better appearance than the integrated camera in the notebook.

Let there be light!

Anyone who has ever had to endure an interview on television knows how elaborately the lighting has to be staged for every recording. Even though many cameras and almost all video conferencing solutions already have built-in brightness correction, a software-based solution still reaches its limits. An LED light source with a desk mount is highly recommended.

Upgrade your backdrop

Let's face it. The solutions offered by the video conferencing software to hide the background often don't look very professional. The problem is that cutting out the background is quite a sophisticated activity for the software. To achieve a realistic effect, a so-called greenbox is used for this purpose in Hollywood. However, since most home offices do not have green wallpapers, the effect is usually relatively poor. A simple, inexpensive and quickly removable solution is a foldable background that can be flexibly placed on a tripod.

Treadmill Desks from Walkolution

To bring movement into the office routine, you could theoretically use any electric treadmill. The reason why Walkolution treadmill desks do not have a motor but are driven by body power alone has, besides all ecological and aesthetic reasons, another simple reason: they are almost silent (and therefore very suitable for videoconferencing) and they allow you to quickly and intuitively adjust the speed until you spontaneously stop. In addition, the walking feeling is much more natural and the curved shape makes walking more pleasant and healthier.

What does your perfect home office video conferencing setup look like?

What helps you be the most productive in your home office? Leave us your ideas and suggestions in the comments!